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TV Lifts - מעליות למסכים

VENSET is a supplyer of electric TV lifts and other products for electrical movement; tv bed lifts, cabinet lifts, office monitor lift, furniture slides and much more.
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VENSET presents a wide range of products to the furniture industry. Our main products are TV lifts, TV bed lifts, swivels, TV power lifts, electric desk components, window operators and other furniture accessories. Our customers are typically furniture manufacturers who design and produce their own products incorporating our components for electric height adjustment., so there is always the perfect product for every application.

בוכנות חשמליות, אקטואטורים ליניאריים, בוכנה הנעה צידית, בוכנה טלסקופית, בקרים



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Avshlom Gissin 69st, Petah Tiqwa Israel

פתח תקווה - מחוז המרכז - ישראל

מס' ספק משהב"ט: 83-365269

מס' ספק תעשייה צבאית: 0011-27564

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